25 dag smooth flour

5 tablespoons milk

7 dl homemade cream

some salt

some homemade lard

1 egg


25 dag homemade cottage cheese

tops of young nettles  

some parsley leaves

4 eggs

young onion



Knead the dough out of flour, cream, milk, eggs, homemade lard and salt. For the filling fry finely chopped parsley leaves, young onion with leaves and tops of young nettles. Salt and when it cools down add 25 dag of homemade cheese and four eggs. Knead the dough and put the filling on one half, fold and close the edges. Bake for 45 minutes at 200 degrees.

Slavica Vlahović – winner of the manifestation 6. Babičini kolači (Grandma’s cakes)