8 whole eggs

40 dag sugar

40 dag rough flour

40 dag ground walnuts

1 grated apple

1 dl oil

2 dl milk

1 teaspoon baking soda



60 dag sugar

1 l milk

20 dag rough flour

15 dag butter

walnut or cherry brandy



Walnut halves (caramelized can also be used), wild strawberries or wild blackberries or other season fruit from the brandy.


To make the dough mix whole eggs with sugar using a wooden spoon, then add milk and oil, and then flour with baking soda. Divide the mass in half, remove one half and add ground walnuts and grated apple. Bake each biscuit separate in a mould with 20-30 cm diameter. Cut out of the paper a circle with the diameter of the baking pan which you will use for backing biscuits, and draw three sizes of the diameter. Use the paper to cut out each biscuit, first horizontally, and then along the diameters. While still warm pile alternately bright and dark circles, horizontally and vertically, so that you get a chessboard of dark brown and yellow biscuit when you cut the cake. Coat the space in between carefully with the warm cream and, at the end, coat the whole cake from the outside with the cream. Decorate with walnut halves, caramelized walnuts or fruits from the brandy.


To make the cream roast the sugar; when it darkens pour 7 dl milk, and dissolve it nicely. Stir 20 dag of rough flour in 3 dl cold milk and add to sugar and milk. When the mixture boils again, add 15 dag butter, and finally cherry or walnut brandy. Arrange warm.


Nada Tučkar - winner of the manifestation 10. Babičini kolači (Grandma's cakes)