Ingredients: Combine an equal amount of allpurpose flour and pastry flour, some warm water mixed with vinegar, salt, one egg, 2 spoons of oil, and mix the ingredients on a wooden surface to form a dough. Keep kneading the dough until it begins to separate from the surface. Shape the dough into smaller ball shaped pieces, cover with a clean dishtowel and let it rest for about one hour. Then place the dough on a large surface such as a kitchen table or table cloth and begin rolling out the dough with a wooden rolling pin (mlinčenjak). Lightly brush the dough with oil to prevent from sticking and continue rolling out the dough with your hands until it is thin and covers the surface of the table. The dough hanging off the edges of the table should torn off with your hands. Spread out the filling along the dough on the edge of the table cloth, brush with melted butter, margarine or oil and roll the dough tightly with the help of the table cloth. Cut into pieces using the rim of a plate, place in a greased dish and bake. The štrukli can also be cut using a knife after baking. To make a cheese filling you will need 1 cottage cheese, eggs, salt, sour cream and a bit of sugar to add some sweetness. Mix all of the ingredients with a fork and spread evenly over the dough. Arrange the štrukli in a greased ovenproof dish and top with melted butter, margarine, oil and sour cream.