Traffic and road conditions

Traffic is heavy on the A1 motorway between Karlovac and Zagreb. On the A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče motorway: -traffic is occasionally heavy in both directions, -there is an object on the road on the 325th km in direction Zagreb. On the A3 Bregana-Lipovac: -there is an object on the 177th km eastbound. Traffic is proceeding alternately on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway between Velika Kopanica and Lipovac junctions due to roadworks. Due to roadworks traffic is suspended: -on the DC1 Lučko-Jastrebarsko state road at Stupnik; -on the DC28 Predavac-Letičani state road -on the DC34 Slatina-Donji Miholjac state road between Gezinci and Podravska Moslavina -on the DC36 Gladovec Pokupski-Žažina state road in Pokupsko -on the DC43 state road in Čazma -on the DC232 Sisak-Jasenovac state road on the section Drenov Bok-Jasenova -on the DC206 Hum na Sutli-Kostel state road Traffic is regulated by traffic signals/one road lane is free only: -on the DC3 state road from Delnice to Rogoznog and between Skrad and Kupjak; -on the DC8 state road in Slano; -on the DC6 Vojišnica
- Glina
- Dvor between Brezovo Polje and Donji Žirovac; -on the DC7 state road between Vrpolje and Velika Kopanica; -on the DC31 state road in Kravarsko; -on the DC32 state road in Smrečje (Čabar); -on the DC43 state road in Čazma; -on the DC207 state road between Hromec and Đurmanec

Border crossings

Dvor border crossing is closed for traffic from 31 July. The alternative is the border crossing Hrvatska Kostajnica/Bosanska Kostajnica. Roadworks are in progress at Gornji Brgat border crossing (delays are possible)
- traffic is proceeding over one road lane. Due to possible delays during the summer at Metković/Doljani border crossing there is a traffic ban on tourist buses till 30 October 2018. Detour from direction Dubrovnik/Split towards Bosnia and Herzegovina: Opuzen/Ploče-Nova Sela border crossing (Čeveljuša junction), detour for those with permission: Metković-Prud border crossing. At Harmica border crossing traffic is allowed to vehicles up to 7,5 tonnes.

Ferry traffic

Due to dense traffic delays are possible in ferry traffic. From 7th July Trogir-Drvenik Veli-Drvenik Mali ferry will dock at Soline port instead at Seget Donji port.

Traffic restrictions for lorries

A1 ZAGREB-SPLIT-DUBROVNIK: -one lane is free only between Bristovac tunnel and Božići viaduct in both directions till 16 September; A2 ZAGREB-MACELJ: A3 BREGANA-LIPOVAC:-one lane is free only 106th-107th km at Kutina junction in direction Lipovac till 15 December 2018; -one lane is free only 266th-263rd km in both directions till 16 September; -one lane is free only 251st-248th km in direction Bregana till 28 October; -one lane is free only 273rd-271st km in direction Bregana till 28 September; A4 ZAGREB-GORIČAN: -one lane is free only 68th-65th km in both directions till 17 September; -one lane is free only 13th-14th km in direction Zagreb, 16th-15th km in direction Goričan till 5pm; -one lane is free only at 16th km in direction Zagreb till 3pm; -one lane is free only 26th-27th km in both directions till 22 August; -one lane is free only 58th-59th km between Breznički Hum and Komin junctions in direction Zagreb till 6 September; A5 BELI MANASTIR-OSIJEK-BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: -one lane is free only 32nd-35th km in direction Zagreb till 6pm; A6 RIJEKA-ZAGREB: -one lane is free only 42nd-33rd km in direction Zagreb till 3pm; -one lane is free only 79th-80th km in direction Rijeka; -one lane is free only 80th-81st km in direction Rijeka; A6 KIKOVICA-OREHOVICA: -the hard shoulder is closed at 79th km in direction Rijeka; DC102 KRK BRIDGE: A7 RIJEKA DETOUR ROAD (OREHOVICA-DIRAČJE): -at Škurinje junction at 24th km the driving speed has to be reduced to 40 km/h in both directions; A7 RUPA-DIRAČJE: -traffic is flowing with delays from Jurdani junction to Rupa paytoll in direction Rupa border crossing; A7 OREHOVICA-ŠMRIKA: A8/A9 HIGHWAY IN ISTRIA: UČKA TUNNEL: A10 BORDER WITH BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA-PLOČE: DC76 STATE ROAD BAŠKO POLJE (DC8)-ZAGVOZD (DC62)-GRUBINE (DC60)-VINJANI DONJI BORDER CROSSING: -no toll for Sveti Ilija tunnel any more; A11 ZAGREB-SISAK: -one lane is free only 9th-10th km in direction Sisak till 3pm; DC425 (A1 Karamatići-Čeveljuša DC8): CENTRAL AND NORTHWESTERN CROATIA: ZAGREB COUNTY: -DC1 Lučko junction (A3)-Jastrebarsko (DC310) state road at Stupnik till 5 November; -DC225 state road Harmica border crossing-Brdovec-Zaprešić-Zaprešić junction (A2) in Zaprešić; KRAPINA COUNTY: -DC206 Hum na Sutli-Kostel state road; -DC206 Pregrada-Hum na Sutli state road; VARAŽDIN COUNTY: SISAK COUNTY: EASTERN CROATIA: VIROVITICA COUNTY: BROD/POSAVINA COUNTY: OSIJEK COUNTY: VUKOVAR COUNTY: MOUNTAIN AREA AND NORTHERN COASTAL AREA: KARLOVAC COUNTY: -Perić/Ljubošina bridge on the DC42 state road
- there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles heavier than 20 t, detour: A6 motorway LIKA/SENJ COUNTY: PRIMORJE/GORSKI KOTAR COUNTY: ISTRIA: -ŽC5007 from Motovun to Zamask till 30 July; SOUTHERN CROATIA (DALMATIA): ZADAR COUNTY: -ŽC6014 Visočane-Poličnik regional road; ŠIBENIK/KNIN COUNTY: SPLIT COUNTY:-freight and bus traffic is closed on the DC62 state road at Zagvozd; DUBROVNIK COUNTY: -DC8 Adriatic road at Dubrovnik airport
- traffic is suspended four times a week for 10 minutes 5pm-8pm till 31 October. ABNORMAL LOAD:  CENTRAL AND NORTHWESTERN CROATIA: ZAGREB COUNTY: KRAPINA COUNTY: VARAŽDIN COUNTY: BJELOVAR COUNTY: SISAK COUNTY: EASTERN CROATIA: BROD/POSAVINA COUNTY: -on the DC7 state road between Vrpolje and Velika Kopanica till 30 September; OSIJEK COUNTY: -on the DC537 state road at Otok till 31 July; -on the DC211 Baranjsko Petrovo Selo border crossing-Baranjsko Petrovo Selo (DC517) state road till 9 August; -on the DC2 Orahovica-Našice state road at Feričanci till 5 October; -on the DC53 state road from Donji Miholjac to Donji Miholjac border crossing till 10 October; -on the DC2 Našice-Josipovac state road till 20 November; VUKOVAR COUNTY: -on the DC2 state road in Vukovar till 31 August; MOUNTAIN AREA AND NORTHERN COASTAL AREA: KARLOVAC COUNTY: LIKA/SENJ COUNTY: PRIMORJE/GORSKI KOTAR COUNTY: -on the DC3 Delnice-Rogozno state road till 26 October; -on the DC3 road Skrad-Kupjak; ISTRIA: -on the DC44 Lupoglav-Brščak state road till 30 November; -on the ŽC5079 Žminj-Potpićan regional road at Jakačići till 13 August; SOUTHERN CROATIA (DALMATIA): ZADAR COUNTY: ŠIBENIK/KNIN COUNTY: -Tisno bridge on the island of Murter is closed for traffic every day at 9am and 5pm for about 30 minutes till 15 September; SPLIT COUNTY: -on the DC409 at Split airport; DUBROVNIK COUNTY: -on the DC223 state road at Gornji Brgat border crossing; -on the DC8 Adriatic road at Slano. See Traffic flow and road conditions as well as Roadworks!

Useful telephone numbers

Roadside assistance service: + 385 1 987, +385 1 4693 700 Traffic conditions: +385 1 464 0800

Traffic forecast for tomorrow

Traffic forecast for Tuesday, the 21th of August 2018  Traffic will be heavy on the roads in the cities and on their bypasses (Zagreb,Rijeka), on the roads leading to the coast and towards the mainland, on the roads in the coastal area, on the motorways in Istria and on the Krk bridge.  Queues and hold-ups are expected: • on the A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče between Zagreb and Bosiljevo 2 (delays at the toll stations Lučko and Demerje in direction Zagreb) and between Sveti Rok and Zadar II, occasionally in both directions  • on the A2 Zagreb-Macelj at the toll station Trakošćan in direction Macelj • on the A9 in Istria towards the border crossings Kaštel and Plovanija in direction Slovenia, on the B8 at the tunnel Učka and the junction Matulji • on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb • on the A7 Rupa-Diračje towards Rupa und Pasjak, • on the Krk bridge • along the Adriatic coastal road, especially near Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Zadar, Šibenik and Dubrovnik and on the sections Split-Omiš-Makarska, • at many border crossings with Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia  All ferries and catamarans are operating according to schedule. Check the road conditions before starting your journey online on , in our app (Croatia Traffic Info) or at 00385 1 464 0800 Roadside assistance: +385 1 4693 700