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Croatian Iris Garden


Toplička 80, 49240 Donja Stubica


+385 (0) 49 288 081



The Croatian Iris Garden in Donja Stubica is dedicated to the iris. The iris was the highlighted flower of the Zagorje Traditional Garden project for the year 2000 (organised by the Tourist Board of Gornja Stubica), and it attracted the biggest interest in the many years of this project and of highlighting individual traditional flowers of Croatia. It is a flower which was forgotten and, thanks to this project, reintroduced both to traditional and urban gardens. In a way, the iris is a symbol of our dedication to all traditional flowers from our traditional gardens of Zagorje and Croatia and their heritage and value.

The Croatian Iris Garden consists of several sections. The largest one, in surface and number, belongs to irises originating from gardens of all Croatian regions, brought to the garden personally or sent by mail.

The second section of the garden is landscaped to form the borders of the Republic of Croatia, where all the species of wild Croatian irises that have been scientifically described, were brought from their natural habitats.

The third section of the garden belongs to iris collectors and growers from both Croatia and abroad. Within the iris garden there is also a place for the water garden (which is still unfinished due to technical reasons). And a special place belongs to the typical interwoven fence of Zagorje, which, with its form, follows the configuration of the hills of Zagorje.

Like all other myths, myths and legends about the iris touch human souls in a special way. They bring to life our senses and entice our imagination like an atmospheric manifestation of a rainbow coming through the rays of the sun and rain drops. And one particular legend associates the iris to a rainbow, saying that an iris of a different colour will grow each time from the ground where the rainbow touched it. That’s why the Croatian Iris Garden also has an Iris Rainbow trail. There is also a trail of friends of irises called The Smile of a Flower, dedicated to all those who have helped in any way to make the story of iris, a traditional flower from our grandmother’s garden, come alive and turn into reality through this garden. A reality that bears witness to the rich biodiversity of wild and traditional, decorative and useful plants of traditional gardens of Zagorje and of Croatia. A reality, here in Donja Stubica, within the grounds of Terme Jezerčica. The garden was established for educational and scientific purposes, and in order to provide experiences through weaving the joy of life. Seeing how a garden is a living organism, the visitors will be able to revel in spring, summer and autumn traditional flowers, its numerous contents and untold stories from early spring till the first frosts, and in flowery tales from Croatia, Croatian Zagorje, from Terme Jezerčica in Donja Stubica.

Croatian Iris Garden is open to visitors from May 16th til June 1st, from 8 am – 7 pm.