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80% of Stubičke Toplice Municipality is situated in the Nature park Medvednica – natural landscape worth of the Municipality. Medvednica – mountain in northwest Croatia, is the treasury of biodiversity, and it was declared to the Nature Park in 1981.  Flora of Medvednica is very rich, various and interesting. Flora, the Roman goddess of spring and flowers, counts so far 1205 species and subspecies on Medvednica, which makes around 23% of overall vascular flora.

Vegetation on Medvednica is mostly made of natural and preserved forests. Because of rugged relief, various geological grounds and soil types as much as 12 forest communities can be found here. In the Park 91 strictly protected species have been recorded. One of them is a beautiful conifer, yew (Taxus baccata). From the group of strictly protected species of lilies we can find two sorts on Medvednica: Carniolan lily (Lilium carniolicum) and martagon lily (Lilium martagon). Also, all orchids on Medvednica are protected.

However, the risk of extinction threatens also some plants that seem to come in inexhaustible quantities, therefore many park visitors are picking them, not even knowing that they are contributing to their destruction. These are primarily spring flowers like snowdrops, saffron, dogtooth violet, hellebore and anemone, and the large anemone (Anemone sylvestris) is even critically endangered, and is in immediate danger of overall extinction all over Europe.

The forests of Medvednica are home to various species of mammals, from small rodents like mice, rabbits, dormice and voles, to large artiodactyl mammals such as deer and wild boar. In the Park there are also several kinds of beasts: wild cat, fox, martens and weasels. Among mammals particularly interesting in Medvednica are bats, of which even 24 species live in the Park. Bird life is also rich and divers, as well as the world of amphibians and reptiles.

Nature Park is managed by the Public institution “Nature Park Medvednica” under the Ministry of environment and nature protection of Republic Croatia. The founder of the Institute is Republic Croatia, and the rights and duties of the Institute are carried out by the Government of Republic Croatia. Functions of the Institute include protection, maintenance and promotion of the Nature Park Medvednica with the goal to protect and preserve the authenticity of nature, ensuring uninterrupted nature processes and sustainable use of natural resources, monitoring of implementation conditions and measures of nature protection in the administered area and data collection for the purpose of monitoring of nature preservation.