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Historical – educational trail Kamenjak


Ulica Stjepana Jožinca 2, 49244, Stubičke Toplice


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The oldest tourist material of Stubičke Toplice, which dates from 1914 (Mineral bath and health resort, print house Vilim Eisenstädter), records the existence of this walkway and promotes it as additional relaxing content in nature. Recognizing the historic tourist records and connoisseurs’ word of mouth, this forgotten trail was restored on the hill and the forest of the same name Kamenjak at the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005, and again in 2014 as historical and educational trail.

It is situated on the southwest side of the forest Kamenjak, in the northeast part of the Municipality Stubičke Toplice near hotel “Matija Gubec” and the Special hospital. The trail is 1200 meters long, and the height difference is 87 meters. This interesting promenade has historical, religious and ecological characteristics, calls for a relaxing pace through the preserved nature, and leads to:

– Religious sites in the forest park Kamenjak, where we can find the crucifix, work of the late artist from Toplice Božidar Staroveški, and, in the oak cave, the statue of Majka Božja Kamenjačka, a gift from the first parish priest Rev. Filip Lucić

– Oak Galženjak (ger. Galgen = gallows) – protected natural monument. Word of mouth says that the rebel peasants were hanged on this oak during the great peasants’ revolt in 1573.

Forest Kamenjak is rich in biodiversity, which indicates a healthy ecosystem. Contact to the interesting forest life encourages trail visitors to research and preserve floral species and habitats, as well as landscape diversity. Along the trail the resting spots and educational tables describing Kamenjak characteristics, trees, bushes, ground plants, animal species of this area, of which many are endangered and protected by the Law, were placed, so the historical and educational trail can be used for purposes of school in the nature.