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Ranch HFC – Horses For Champions


Donje Vino 38, Krapinske Toplice


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Ranch HFC is just a 30-minute drive away from Zagreb, and only 5 km away from the famous Zagorje spa resort, Krapinske Toplice. As an ideal place to enjoy soul and body relaxation and enjoy the beauty of nature, this ranch offers horse riding programs and courses at the Equestrian club “Horses for Champions”, and a superb gastro offer in the bistro “Ranch”.

The Equestrian Horse Club’s “Horses for Champions” offer includes:
– Equestrian School for begginers – (Working in Groups) – Includes children and adults who have no prior experience. The school lasts 10 hours (1 hour-45 minutes), distributed over 5 weeks (2 times per week) consisting of a theoretical and practical part. Starting from the beginning, attendants will be familiar with the basics of riding (access to the horse, adequate equipment for riders and horses, riding horses, knitting and horsing of the horse, enhancement and glamor, horse attitude and equilibrium …) and with this noble animal (care of horses, nutrition, anatomy, behavioral rules …). At the end of the school, attendants will be able to independently deal with horses.
– Advanced riding school – working in groups – involves children and adults with previously acquired experience in our or some other riding school. The advanced riding school lasts for 30 hours (1 hour – 45 minutes) in 15 weeks (2x per week). During these 30 hours, attendants will upgrade their knowledge and work on the basic elements of jutting and forcing riding. At the end of the advanced riding school attendants will be able to ride the horses on horseback, horseback and gallop independently. You will reach the level that you can recreationally engage in riding and take a rider’s license.
– Recreational riding (work in groups or individually) – includes children and adults with a completed initial and advanced riding school in our or some other riding school (at least 30 hours). Attendants will upgrade their knowledge so far to the level of competing license.
– Individual riding
– Individual sports riding clock (dorsal or piercing)
– Walk on horseback
– Field riding
– Driving pony with a chariot for children
Riding school and all programs are licensed riding coaches (FEI, international license). The programs are implemented in Croatian, English and German.

There are currently 11 horses on the ranch, but this number is growing as we are engaged in breeding and selling horses for sport and recreational riding. We currently have one licensed butler available for breeding.