Water park Aquae Vivae


Ulica Antuna Mihanovića 1a, 49217 Krapinske Toplice


+385 (0) 99 222 2099
+385 (0) 49 501 999





When the old Romans passed through this area they noticed that the warm, crystal clear and drinking water is surfacing from the Earth, and they named it Aquae Viave, the living water. Aquae Vivae lives in our water park. It touches each visitor and gives him its power, energy and warmth, and creates harmony of body and water, preserves health and slows aging.

Excellent and internationally proven medical tourist offer has been complemented by the new indoor thermal complex – the largest indoor complex in Croatia. Water slide, wild river, 4,5 meter deep pool for diving and artificial waves are only a part of about hundred water attractions, which Aquae Vivae are offering to their visitors.


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