Getting acquainting with wine production at Vinski vrh


Gornjaki 56, Hrašćina


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Dear guests,

In line with the Croatian tradition and wine culture, and feelings that associated with wine gatherings, we have opened the doors to our wine estate to thousands of wine lovers who can and are always welcome to walks around the estate, wine tasting, learning about our philosophy of producing our top quality Bolfan eco wines.

You will be welcomed by the host, who will share a lot of interesting information related to the history of the estate, already mentioned at the times of the Roman Empire.

After a small snack, in the company of our host, we will take a tour around the estate. The host will tell us about the biodynamic principles applied in the cultivation of grapes and wine production.

It is our wish to respect the interests of a healthy natural environment, both in the vineyard and the cellar, to maintain the microbiological balance in the vineyard and beyond, to fight for the health of our vine and to work on the awakening of each wine lover, customer and passer-by. You will learn all about the revival of the soil, the compost heaps and about the tree of life, as well as about the biodynamic gardening and organic livestock production given the fact our estate is guarded by the Red Angus cattle.

After the tour, you will take part in tasting and learn that in wine there is truth, because – by tasting the wine, we learn the truth about its emergence.

Program duration: 4 h

Menu with tasting:

“Klet” (cottage) Bolfan takes care of local and fresh ingredients that are acquired, for culinary needs, from the nearby farmsteads, while a significant portion of vegetables, cereals and beef comes from our own breeding. The creation of our dishes follows seasonal ingredients and we always blend the food courses with the flavors of our Bolfan eco wines.

At this moment, we are offering homemade bacon from Turopolje pig with homemade cheese and cream from the family ran farm Piki and bread made of whole grain flour of spelt, rye and corn, stone-milled in our own kitchen. + Bolfan Rosé

Cream soup made of young nettle from the natural environment + Bolfan Sauvignon

Deboned young duck from the family ran farm Orehovec, stuffed with dry prunes, in cranberry sauce with potato halves from family ran farm Sever; organically grown steamed vegetables + salad from the organic family farm Sever with olive oil and apple vinegar + Bolfan Primus Pinot Noir unfiltered wine

Cheesecake made by the family ran farm Piki in wild berries sauce with apple chips made by the organic farm Sever and acacia honey from the family ran farm Grobotek + Bolfan Paidia Riesling

Total price per person upon request (approximate price: 160 Kuna per person)



Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday – closed

Wednesday – Saturday from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunday from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed on holidays or in accordance with the prior arrangement


Recommended part of a multi-day culinary journey „From Alps to the hills of Zagorje” –

Number of parking spaces: 80

Seating capacity: 120 (restaurant 50 + 60 seats on the terrace)


Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 12 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on holidays or in accordance with the prior arrangement

Drinks: Bolfan eco wines from our own organic production

Accommodation: 5 double rooms with bathrooms – 4*

Gastronomy: blending the flavors of local foods, acquired from smaller farmsteads in the neighborhood (20 km), with Bolfan wines from our own organic production