Getting acquainted with sparkling wine at Vuglec Breg


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Dear guests,

The „Vuglec Breg” Tourist village is the fruit of the creative and romantic vision of the Vuglec family who wanted to turn the heritage of their ancestors, the old Vuglec family, into a lasting value.

The underlying concept was to create a unique environment that sets a superb atmosphere and offers complete enjoyment in the natural surroundings of the beautiful Croatian Zagorje.

„Vuglec Breg” was built on the foundations of an old Zagorje hamlet „Vugleci”, and based on experiences and tradition of Croatian Zagorje rural life where, people still actively lived and worked until the seventies of the previous century. The entire property covers an area of over 12 hectares, from the top of which, some about 300 m above sea level, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills with numerous Zagorje houses, cottages and churches.

The renovated „Vuglec Breg” consists of several indigenous Zagorje „hiže” (houses), arranged for accommodation, and an old farm building with a restaurant, a wine cellar and meeting hall. In addition to the restaurant, right by the front rows of the vineyard, there is a gazebo with a barbecue, bread oven and a summer terrace.

The pleasant and domestic atmosphere of the entire „Vuglec Breg” further complements and enriches the vineyard with some 16 000 vines. Together, we will enjoy sightseeing around the entire property and walks through the vineyard. In our cellar, you will enjoy top-quality wines and sparkling wines and learn about their production.

Group program

  • Welcome sparkling wine drink with a few words from the host
  • Sightseeing around the property and introduction of „Vuglec Breg’s” offer to the guests
  • Wine and sparkling winetasting at the winery alongside local cheeses and bread, followed by the history of wine and sparkling wine production in „Vuglec Breg”
  • Three course dinner or lunch

Price for all the above mentioned upon request (approximate price 190 Kuna per person)

  • Live music upon request, additional fees apply
  • Duration of the program on a half-day basis approximately 5 hours
  • Notice on group arrival min. 3 days earlier