Ethno collection of licitar (gingerbread) crafts



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The ethno collection takes you through the history of licitar (gingerbread), introduces you to the tools that were used a long time ago, the vocabulary that was used for licitar production, old techniques of manufacture and almost forgotten products. Production of licitar can also be learned through the short presentation of a craftsman, and in a workshop you can try the role of lictiar-craftsman yourself. You can experience this craft daily in a very special and interesting way through the interesting interactive craftsman-licitar presentation, licitar production workshop, and through the ethno collection of licitar crafts in “Medni bar” and workshop of the craftsman Đuro Brlečić in the centre of Marija Bistrica. Special way to experience Marija Bistrica and licitar craft is also through tastings of “gvirc” – very distinctive drink made of honey, with rich taste and flavour of nature. Gvirc is produced by spontaneous fermentation of honey, and in the past, because of the healing properties of honey, they used to call him the drink of immortality.

With the Nature protection law the old yew tree at the top of Horvat’s stairs on Medvednica was protected as a natural monument – an individual tree. It is one of the oldest exemplars of this kind in Croatia. The circumference of the tree in the height of breasts is 180 cm (it has no top). With its interesting habitus it vividly complements the surrounding rocky landscape.