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Are you tired and don’t feel like doing anything? You need a good holiday or at least a relaxing weekend – peaceful, but also full of life; with  the top notch but not too expensive accommodation; where you can choose but without bad choices. All your wishes come true in one place – in Zagorje.

Gourmands will praise local dishes, the most famous of which are “štrukli” (dough usually filled with cottage cheese mixture), and history lovers will be happy to point out that many Croatian notables, artists and rebels were born in Zagorje, and that one hundred thousand years ago Krapina’s Neanderthal man found his home there. It could be said that Zagorje has been a top destination since the Stone Age.

One of the most famous songs about Zagorje is called “Lepe ti je Zagorje zelene” (Green Zagorje is beautiful). Everyone immediately gets what the poet wanted to say. Picturesque green hills with scattered castles, manors, churches, wineries and vineyards, with wine routes and paths turning and twisting around them. The forests are rich with serenity and freshness. Zagorje and its waters are a special story, as evidenced by numerous thermal water sources.

You can find more information on a Best of Zagorje web site.

Weekend trips to Croatian Zagorje!