How to reach us?

If you are looking for a place suitable for living, free of industrial and urban parts of the world in which we live, you would surely, among many places, choose Zagorje. It is an oasis of preserved nature, greenery, clean air and mild, healing water


Zagorje is well connected with the rest of Croatia, but also Europe. One of the ways to plan your trip to Zagorje is therefore – by plane. It is situated near all major airports in this part of Europe.

Airport Franjo Tuđman – 40 km
Maribor – 27 km
Ljubljana – 160 km
Graz – 87 km
Hévíz-Balaton Airport – 90 km
Vienna – 217 km

Airport Franjo Tuđman
Ulica Rudolfa Fizira 1
Tel: +385 60 32 03 20


One of the most effective ways to reach Zagorje is – by car. The junction of major highways and excellent road connection with not only Croatian cities, but also European, make Zagorje an excellent destination for a road trip. Additionally, you will enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes that will follow you on your way.


Your trip to Zagorje is also possible by train. All major destinations in Zagorje are interconnected with the rail. Therefore you can start your trip to Zagorje by train from all major stations in Europe. Connectivity within Croatian and international directions make Zagorje an ideal destination for all who like to travel by train.

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