Visit Zagorje is commited to respect the anonymity and privacy of users of these web site as long as they are used within the permitted terms of use. User personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email address as well as other data will only be collected if the user voluntarily submits them. So aggregated data will be used for contact and information, statistical visit processing, and to better understand the needs and demands of users of these web site. Such aggregated data will not be made available without the express consent of the user if these web pages are used within the permitted conditions of use.

Visit Zagorje will work to ensure that the privacy and anonymity of users and visitors to these web site are maximally protected.

Mobile application Visit Zagorje is committed to respecting the anonymity and privacy of the user of this application as long as it is used within the permitted terms of use. Within the application the camera is turned on to enable the user to scan the QR Codes of the desired points of interest on the tourist map of the Fairy tale at hand, and location data are used to position the user in space and to calculate the shortest route to the desired point of interest.

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