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The Cesargrad castle is situated northwest of the town of Klanjec, on the western side of the Cesargrad Hill, overlooking the Sutla River. Nowadays it stands at the very border of Croatia and Slovenia, with the castle of Kunšperk located on the latter side.

Cesargrad was first mentioned in 1399, when it was given to Count Herman of Celje by king Sigismund. After the family became extinct in 1456, it shifted from one Styrian and Slavonian owner to another, finally passing down to the Erdödy family by the late 15th century. An important date in the history of Cesargrad is January 29th 1573, when the fortress suffered an attack by peasant troops during the Great Peasants’ Revolt. The Erdödy family renovated Cesargrad after that, however in the early 17th century it is again mentioned as a ruin.