The Devil’s Furnace




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The Sopotnica creek descends from a cave into a pond about one meter deep with a waterfall from two meters in height and continues to flow peacefully under the bridge, like a shallow stream that never dries, with depths so that one can cross it. The story goes that there used to be a devil in there, there were ferns and there were various spells. People were afraid to go that route, so they built a statue of St. Mihovil to protect them and dedicated the chapel in Sopot to St. Michael, the angel with the highest power, who was the protector of the caves and the only one able to resist the devil. Through the stream, people passed on from generation to generation, 200 years ago there was a red fire that burned, once even for two days without interruption.

Still, science can explain everything, so the red color comes from the red sky at sunset, and the noise of waterfalls and rocks is called. devilish action. The place is a true pearl of nature, always open to everyone for socializing, and at no charge, and as the locals say – just let everyone clean up after themselves.