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Sports – recreational lake Jarki


Stubičke Toplice


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Sports – recreational lake Jarki is an interesting ecological site that can be reached by a pleasant walk over the historical hill Kapelšćak, then over the forest road to the tamed place Jarki, where, surrounded by forests of Nature Park Medvednica, lies the lake, with 271 m length and 54 m width. The lake is used for recreational and pleasant stay in the nature, development of fishing tourism and needs of school in nature.

The carrier of the construction of the lake was the Municipality Stubičke Toplice that gave it for use to Sports fishing club “Stubaki” in order to develop sports fishing, so that the sports fisher learn to care about water protection and fish reserves, fish farming, fish ranching, education of young people about the management of fishing waters, sports development and sports ethics, sport – fishing competitions, recreation and environment protection. In the surrounding area of the lake, for the needs of different activities, there is a wooden fisherman’s house.