Let’s learn about the production of medicinal brandies and liquers at the family ran farm Kos


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Dear guests,

Experience the reality of agricultural household, the unique story that arouses all your senses. Life here is tough and the people are hardworking, but full of joy. The land is rich and it gives us a plenty of fruits, while the animals are our treasure. Visit us at our hundred-year-old agricultural farm where, in the atmosphere that reflects the spirit of our ancestors and in accordance with the centuries-old tradition, we offer a harmony of flavors and aromas, the result of blending the dishes and drinks within the indigenous Zagorje atmosphere. We offer everything that we produce and acquire from the neighboring households. Through laughter and play, both adults and children can learn about the nature, farm animals or they can experience playing in the hay, grass or on the tree. You can participate in household activities while we are preparing you the Zagorje turkey or baking „štrukle” (strudel) by grandma’s recipe, while enjoying a glass of juice or top quality wine. The products that we offer do not need to be especially stressed – they are excellent. Come and see.



Get to know the mode of production of medicinal brandies and liqueurs at OPG Kos

Agritourism Kos – tasting of brandies and liqueurs – tasting under expert guidance along with the story about the origin of the household, agricultural production and production of alcoholic beverages of our household.

Tasting includes 10 different brandies and liqueurs under expert guidance.

Price upon request (approximate price 60 Kuna per person based on min. 20 participants)

Program duration: 60 minutes

It is necessary to book at least 4 days in advance.