Parish Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Grofova Keglevića 4, 49218 Pregrada


+385 (0) 49 376 08



The Blessed Virgin was worshiped in this parish as Our Lady of Kunagora. Because of its grand structure and two tall towers people call it Zagorje Cathedral. It is in fact in a special way connected to Zagreb Cathedral: a high-quality organ that once stood in Zagreb Cathedral as well as a large altarpiece depicting the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin was given to the church in Pregrada. Today’s church stands at the site of the old Gothic structure that was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1786. After the earthquake, thanks to Archdeacon of Zagorje Stjepan Putz, first a manor house was built. Father Josip Karlo Tuškan, who served as the parish priest, began the construction of the church. Maksimilijan Vrhovac, the Bishop of Zagreb, showed special interest in seeing the church finished, which happened in 1818 when the builders from Styria constructed its roof.