Gallery Zlatar


Zagrebačka 3, Zlatar


+385 (0) 49 466 627


+385 (0) 91 405 0040


The gallery was founded in 1971 when the Baroque Keglevic’s Curia in the center of the Jewelers was used for the exhibition space. The first exhibition was officially opened on September 25, 1971 under the title “Painters of the Zagorje Circle”, set up by prof. Vladimir Malekovic. In 1985, the gallery was moved from the old house to a new space in Zagrebačka Street no. 3 in downtown Zlatar, where it is today.

The Gallery of Original Art in Zlatar was created as the only one in Croatia that gathered around two hundred authors who donated their works to it. Since 2006 it has been operating as an independent institution and as such was officially registered in 2007. Today’s holdings include about 500 works of art, of which the paintings are extremely valuable: The Eye of the Limestone, The Floating Act, The Krapina great-grandson (author: Matija Skurjeni), The Old Slaven, Changing the ancestor, Matija Gubec, The Four-Crafted Bat, My author (by: Sava Sekulic ), At lunch (author: Dragan Gaži), Spring flowers, Landscape of my village, Blossomed tree (author: Ivan Rabuzin) and many others.

The Zlatar Original Art Gallery organizes exhibitions occasionally and by appointment. The gallery can be viewed daily from 7am to 8pm with advance notice and agreement.