Tuhelj walking trails


Tuheljske Toplice


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1. Marked trail: Dubrovčan (Zelengaj) – Ravnice – Velika Erpenja (Crkva Sv. Tri kralja; Church of Three Wise Men) Tuheljske Toplice
The trail starts at the Zelengaj restaurant in Dubrovčan, then slopes across the plains to Velika Erpenja and climbs towards the Church of Three Wise Men, which offers an unforgettable view of Tuheljske Toplice and the surrounding hillocks. Return via Mala Erpenja towards Tuheljske Toplice. Duration: 2 h 30 mins.

2. Marked circular trail: Round Tuheljske Toplice
The most beautiful among the circular trails, comprising a 3-hour walk. The starting point is the car park by the old pools; the trail then ascends to Castle Mihanović and continues across the ridge, to the hamlet of Kuhari. Return by the ridge between Mala Erpenja and Kuharov jarak, where it slopes down to the old pools. This trail is extremely popular.

3. Circular trail: Tuheljske Toplice (Castle Mihanović) – Črešnjevec – Tuheljske Toplice
The trail, starting at the car park of Castle Mihanović, leads up to a vantage point above the Castle, offering a magnificent view of Terme Tuhelj, and then takes the Mihanovićeva street towrds Črešnjevec, on the way passing by a great many vineyards and vineyard cabins. Descent in Črešnjevec, leading back to Tuheljske Toplice.

4. Circular trail: Tuheljske Toplice – Rakovec – Sveti Križ (Kapela Sv. Križa; Chapel of the Holy Cross) – Črešnjevec – Tuheljske Toplice
With a starting point at the car park of Terme Tuhelj, the trail runs in the direction of Rakovec and, atop of a hill where Rakovec starts, takes a right turn and then immediately to the left, up to Sveti Križ. The walk continues all the way to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Return towards the Klanjec-Kumrovec road; at the crossing near the Fekeže family estate (address: Sveti Križ 205), straight ahead, towards the bistro of Monaco, and then forward, via Črešnjevec towards Tuheljske Toplice.