Hiking-educational trail Roads of Orchids




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The hiking-educational trail along its length of 13,7 kilometres shows all beauties of Radoboj and Croatian Zagorje. On one part of the trail, meadow Poljane, 16 sorts of orchids can be found, while on the area of the whole trail there are more than 30 different sorts of orchids. Strahinjščica is one big orchid garden, as there are as much as 32 noted sorts and subtypes of orchids.

The trail is decorated to attract the visitors – nature lovers of varying ages and interests with the goal of education, recreation, raising level of ecological awareness as well as preservation of valuable habitats and kinds, and the overall prosperity of the local community through sustainable tourism. Along the trail there are 11 educational tables with information about plants, animal world, fossil and mineral wealth and other interesting facts of the wider Strahinjščica area, with the aim to emphasize the value and importance of this area.