Landscape Zelenjak




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Valley Zelenjak, the part of the pass between the river Sutla and Risvica and Cesargrad Mountain reefs, with the size of about 50 hectares, is since 1949 protected as a natural rarity, and since 1961 as a reserve of natural area – forest park and memorial nature monument. In 2011 there have been changes to the borders of this protected area, which was extended to Risvica and Cesargrad Mountain, so the total area is now 287 hectares, and enjoyes the category of protection as a significant landscape.

The one who wants to learn more about this part of Zagorje heritage could head on to the educational walk path to Risvica mountain, where he can during the climb to the top with help of information tables learn more about the local natural diversity. To learn about Cesargrad mountain here is also a hiking trail that leads to Cesargrad, also with educational tables that will draw the attention of nature lovers to the vegetation, animal life, geological structure and other interesting things of this area.

One of the features of Risvica and Cesargrad mountain is the diversity of habitats, which enabled this relatively small area to reveal the rich floral and animal life in which there are many endangered species. To animal diversity contributes a very large number of day butterfly species, beetles such as the common stag beetle and longhorn beetle, dragonflies, among which the great king stands out, and a great number of bird species. As for the vegetation, Risvica and Cesargrad mountain are overgrown with Irish oak forest and common hornbeam, and a more careful eye could also notice occasional protected and rare plants such as Croatian iris, Croatian carnation, Carniolan lily or Hungarian clover, while on the dry and sunny glades the large number of orchids find their habitat, and exactly on their example we can take a look at biodiversity of this significant landscape.