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Very high hill (499 MASL) north form Vinagora. The hill can be reached on asphald road on the side of Poredje, Druškovec or the side of Vinagora, Desinić. The top of the hill is dominated by high wooden cross (set up in memory of all victims for Our Beautiful Homeland). From that spot there are views to all four sides; to north and west on the Zagorje hills and neighbouring Slovenia (Donačka gora, Boč, Rogaška Slatina, and in nice weather even up to far Savinja Alps), south and east to the sea of green Zagorje hills up to Strahinjčica, Ivančica and Sljeme.

The old Romans, when passing through this area, saw that the warm, crystal clear and drinking water is surfacing, they called it Aquae Vivae, the living water. Aquae Vivae is living in our water park. It touches each visitor, and transfers its power, energy, warmth and creates harmony of body and water, preserves health and slows aging. Excellent and internationally proven health tourist offer is complemented by the new indoor thermal complex – the largest indoor complex in Croatia. Water slide, wild river, 4,5 meter deep pool for diving and artificial waves are only a part of about hundred water attractions, which Aquae Vivae are offering to their visitors.