St Nicholas’ Parish Church Krapina


Trg sv. Nikole biskupa 1, 49000 Krapina


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The Krapina parish is the oldest of all under the archdeacon of Zagorje. It is presumed that Krapina became a parish as early as 1193 when Kalan, the bishop of Pécs, issued the order that Dominic, the bishop of Zagreb, and his successors be given one tenth of all the income which had been collected up to that point in Krapina by the Croatian duke. St Nicholas’ Parish Church was first mentioned in the charter of the Zagreb bishop Augustin Kažotić on 6 July 1311 (and later in 1334, 1501 and 1574). It is not known exactly when the old parish church in the gothic style was built because it was unfortunately destroyed. A new parish church was built in its place between 1901 and 1903, incorporating a small part of the old church – the sacristy with a gothic ceiling which is located below the tower. The entrance to the sacristy still holds the late-gothic jamb with a flat arch. One of the founding stones carries the inscription “Ich Jorg Crewcz”, which is thought to be the name of the architect. A number of gold objects of artistic value dating from between the 17th and 19th centuries which were once part of the collection at the old church are still preserved – the cross, chalices from the late gothic, early baroque, baroque and rococo periods, baroque reliquaries, pyx and thurible. In the new church, which was inspired by the old gothic church and designed by the architect Josip Vrancaš, the most valuable item is the organ built by the famous organ builder F. Heferer, dating from 1903. There was once also a graveyard surrounding the parish church. This is the church where the life of people from Krapina begins and ends; it is the place where the sacraments of baptism, matrimony and holy orders are celebrated and masses for the dead and other rituals are held.