Let’s learn to bake the Zagorje „štrukli”


Kozjak 18a, Sveti Križ Začretje


+385 (0) 49 228 800





Dear guest,

In Kozjak Začretski, there is „Klet” (farm) Kozjak, owned by the Radovečki family. This village, first-mentioned in writing in 1417 in the Kaptol archive in Zagreb, was named after the core activity of local population – goat breeding. Our family was also active in goat breeding, preparing goat cheese and milk. Today we breed pigs for our own needs. We make homemade salami and ham, as well as our own pasta from nettles and porcini, noodles, homemade „štrukli” and bread. We also grow vegetables for the needs of the restaurant, and all the things we do not grow by ourselves, we acquire them from the neighboring family farms.

Group program (30 or more persons)

Upon the arrival at our farm, the owner and the hostess will welcome you and offer you a homemade brandy, Buchteln and crescent rolls, accompanied by the sounds of Zagorje „mužikaši” (folk music ensemble).

After the welcoming, mother Ljubica will show you how to make homemade „štrukli” (strudel) with cheese, where you will try out your skills too.

When we finish the preparation of „štrukli” and while they are baking, we will continue having great fun along with the music and lunch.

We will taste the product of our work after the lunch.

The best team wins voucher for a free dessert at the occasion of next visit to our farm.



Welcome drink: homemade brandy (walnut, plum, honey, cherry)

Workshop: preparation of Zagorje „štrukli“

Lunch Menu:

Cream porcini soup

Beef soup with homemade noodles


Duck with „mlinci“ (thin dried flatbread)

Veal ribs with potatoes roasted in wine

Pork steak in porcini sauce with pasta made from nettle

Bread-crumbed turkey roll stuffed with cheese and ham with homemade croquettes

Mixed salad


Apple strudel

„Štrukli“ with cheese

Price of the above mentioned programs upon request (approximate price 200 Kuna per person.)

Duration of „štrukli”-making-workshop is approximately 1.5 hours.

Booking: Please notify us about your arrival two weeks before the scheduled time of arrival.